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Paying Monies

Please give your Child any monies in a named envelope with a breakdown of what it is for as this saves time and possible confusion. However, tuck shop money may be given to your Child seperately each morning.

Dinner Money

Dinner money should be paid to the Classteacher on the first day of each week. School Dinners currently costs £2.23 a day or £11.15 a week. If you feel your Child may be entitled to free School meals then please do not hesitate to ask at the School office for information on how to apply for them.

Milk Money

School milk can be bought at the cost of £7.00 per term. Your Child can either have dental milk containing flouride or regular milk. A letter giving details is sent out at the end of each term in readiness for the next term. If you do not wish your Child to have milk then we can provide a drink of water. There is a water cooler dispenser in every Classroom. Drinks are not allowed to be brought from home.

School Fund

A healthy School Fund is essential. It is used to buy a variety of items from the very small to the exremely large. Parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution on the first day of each week.

Fund Raising

Fund raising events are necessary in order to keep our School Fund healthy. Our main event each year is the Family Fun Day held in the summer term. However, at the same time we are aware of not placing too much demand on Parents to give.


As well as collecting money for ourselves we try and encourage the Children to think of others who are less fortunate and raise something for Charity. We support various charities such as Christian Aid and we collect money during Christian Aid Week in the summer term. Local charities such as Francis House are regularly supported. We also join in National Fundraising events such as Children In Need and Comic Relief.