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School Aims

School Aims

  1. To aid all Children on their spiritual journey.
  2. To provide a secure and trustworthy environment based on the principles of the Christian faith, in which all Children feel confident and valued.
  3. To foster links with All Saints Church & Parish.
  4. To raise standards by encouraging all Children to have high expectations of themselves and to do their best at all times.
  5. To provide a broad and balanced curriculum which allows Children to achieve targets within and beyond the National Curriculum
  6. To identify and foster the potential of every Child intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually.
  7. To have high expectations of all Children in terms of self-discipline and showing respect for others.
  8. To encourage Children to develop tolerance and understanding of peoples' religious and moral values and ways of life.
  9. To provide equal opportunities in work and play and to treat all Children fairly, addressing any special needs they may have.
  10. To recognise Parents as the primary educators of their Children and to value their involvement in helping us to achieve the above aims.